Enterprise “ZNAK” d.o.o. – Podgorica delivered the products of companies, whose distributors we are, to these companies:

Shopping Mall “DELTA CITY” – Podgorica – indoor lighting and garage lighting

“DEWACO” – MAN service center – Danilovgrad – indoor and outdoor lighting

“OPSTINA TIVAT” – Tivat – street and park lighting

“LEANDRO” – Podgorica – indoor lighting

“HARD DISCOUNT LAKOVIC” – indoor lighting of a retail objects, all across Montenegro

Shopping Mall “KAMELIJA” – Kotor – indoor lighting

“OPSTINA DANILOVGRAD” – Danilovgrad – street lighting

“THE CAPITAL PLAZA” – Podgorica – garage lighting

“AROMA” stores – indoor and outdoor of a retail objects, all across Montenegro

F.K. “BOKELJ” – Kotor – stadium lighting

“M.Z. SVETI STEFAN” – Budva – street lighting

“OPŠTINA BERANE” – Berane – street lighting

“HOTEL CENTRE VILLE” – Podgorica – indoor lighting

“HOTEL QUEEN OF MONTENEGRO” – Budva – LED lighting of restaurants and technical rooms

“OPŠTINA TIVAT” – Tivat – indoor lighting of the building S.O. Tivat

“HOTEL SPLENDID” – Budva – LED lighting of a garage, kitchen and technical rooms

“BIOTEL” – Andrijevica – indoor LED lighting of a pellet factory

“EPCG – TERMO-ELEKTRANA” – Pljevlja – indoor and outdoor lighting